Saturday, August 13, 2016

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Children Education Plans

    There is no parent who does not think for the future of his child. The education of the child is the very first thing that the parents think about when the baby is born to the family aside from bringing him/her up.

    That is why a couple plans for the education of their child as early as they can. This to protect the child from being deprived of his right to education in case something happens to the parents*. Premium waiver benefit comes as a rider.

    An Education Insurance can help the child pursue his education with or without his parents. An Education Insurance can be purchased anytime for a child.

    The parents therefore can already buy and education insurance for their child even he is not yet born. It is even beneficial on the part of the parents to buy an education plan during this period because the premium is lesser compared to when the child is already there.

    So the earlier you buy the plan the lesser the cost is.

    * Further premiums are waived off, child gets all benefits at the end as given in the policy documents. 

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